Kitchen Remodeling in Woorrhees NJ
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This Kitchen Remodel in Voorhees, NJ
Required a touch of custom Solid wood Cabinets.
The Beautiful cabinetry from Decora is cherry and the braided door is called Avignon.
The Granite is a level 5 which makes above the norm. Opening up the wall to make a breakfast area really enhanced the free flow of the work space, eating space, and entertaining. By opening up the wall you also take the kids out of the walking area while the adults Cook. Great success with the kitchen remodel in Voorhees, NJ

Materials Used for kitchen remodel in Voorhees, NJ

Decora Cabinetry- Solid wood construction, Cabinets are Cherry shown on the Avignon Door and Finished in Brandywine Coffee Glaze
Granite Level: 5 venetian gold
Flooring: Hard wood
Sink: by Elkay
Faucet: by Moen
Back Splash Honed and Filled Durango Travertine mixed with 2x2 inserts