Two Tone Maple Kitchen Remodel in Holland, Pa 18966
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Two Tone Maple Kitchen Remodel in Holland, Pa 18966
This kitchen Remodel started in a very familiar way. We kind of know what we want but we need to see because we are visual. We used many nice colors from cabinets on the wall to the island, the modern 12x24 tile floor and modern backsplash including 15 sqft slab of granite behind the Wolf Stove. We used custom cabinets to give us the look we wanted without needing to pay for customizations. The Dining room has beautiful chocolate Cabinetry which would replace any old vintage furniture piece. The final touch was a big beautiful island which is 3 feet by 9 feet decorated with Mission corbels and mission legs. Lastly the powder room Modern is the word that best describes it.
Materials used for this Kitchen Remodel
Cabinets- Decora Maple Galleria in Jasmine Twilight and Bombay
Granite Level 6
Tile Porcelain Italian 12x24 Beige
Backsplash- Mosaic/8x16 tile /Granite
Wolf Stove is Gorgeous.