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A bathroom upgrade can certainly make your day-to-day life easier. After all, the bathroom might just be the most utilitarian room in the house. We use the bathroom for very specific and practical purposes. All bathroom remodeling specialists understand this simple fact: above all else, the bathroom must be practical and functional.

But the bathroom doesn't have to be merely functional. A bathroom upgrade can also transform the space into a retreat: a spa in your very own home! A luxurious bathroom upgrade can be every bit as practical as a standard bathroom remodeling project. After all, adding a touch of extravagance to your day-to-day life can reduce your stress and increase your happiness. And, of course, a beautifully-appointed bathroom can increase your home's value. The wow-factor of a whirlpool or radiant floor heating can certainly entice potential buyers. And remember, a quality bathroom renovation can recoup up to 58.3% of the cost. For more info on cost vs. value, check out this handy link from Remodeling Magazine:

Below we list five of our favorite luxurious bathroom upgrades. Add even one of these elements to your next bathroom remodeling project and the bathroom might just become your favorite room in the house! And if cost is your concern, we got you covered: some of the most luxurious upgrades can be included in even the most basic projects.

1. A Freestanding Tub or Whirlpool
Simply say the phrase bathroom luxury, and most people think of a simple, yet luxurious tub. By no means a budget buster, a classic freestanding tub might just be the most elegant bathroom upgrade.

However, if you want to amplify the luxury, you might consider the ultimate in luxurious bathroom upgrades: a whirlpool. It's not for every bathroom, and it can certainly add to your water and heating bills, but if you want a spa-like experience, you can't go wrong with a the soothing jets and calming bubbles of a whirlpool.

2. Radiant Heat Flooring
Most homeowners have experienced the annoyance of waking early on a bitterly cold morning and stepping onto cold bathroom tiles. With radiant heat flooring, however, you can experience warmth underfoot at any time of the year. And depending on the system, radiant heat flooring might just work for the budget-minded homeowners.

With minimal labor, a bathroom design specialist or D.I.Y-minded homeowner can install an electric radiant heat system underneath the bathroom tiles. An electric radiant heat system is controlled by its own thermostat, and can easily warm the floor on even the frostiest of mornings.

3. A Bathroom Entertainment Center
No longer strictly limited to the family room or living room, entertainment centers are now appearing in more kitchens - and bathrooms! If your morning routine includes watching Today or the highlights on SportsCenter, you might enjoy this unique bathroom upgrade: a wall-mounted flat-screen television. Believe it or not, companies like Evervue make water-proof televisions that can be installed where no conventional TV would dare to go. With a bathroom television, you can shower, shave, and catch up on the football scores at the time same time

4. A Steam Shower
Traditionally limited to the spa or fancy fitness club, the steam room has now found its way into the home! Indeed, more and more ambitious homeowners are installing shower stalls that can double as steam showers. With a steam shower, you simply install a digital system to summon steam from a generator placed outside the shower (and ideally hidden in a closet).

Imagine, step into the bathroom after a long day at work, and step out fifteen minutes later renewed! An initial investment for a steam shower can be $2000--$4000, but once installed the steam uses very little water and energy.

5. A Shower Upgrade
Installing a steam element in the shower might be the most luxurious shower bathroom upgrade, but you can also add sumptuous elements to shower itself. For a few good and practical ideas, check out our article on shower upgrades. Before you click, though, let us conjure a few luxurious bathroom makeover images for your enjoyment. Just imagine a rainwater showerhead, vertical jets, and a simple bench. These simple upgrades can easily fit into most renovation budgets!

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