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Most remodeling projects include pre-fabricated materials (and designs) built to fit a template. At MKBD, we prefer a custom approach, crafting fixtures and designs uniquely suited to each customer. If you're the type of homeowner who has a precise vision for your space, MKBD's custom approach is perfect for you.

Many remodeling companies profess a similar approach. A quick Google search yields any number of custom remodeling companies. Beware: the word custom has different meanings for different remodeling companies. Only a select few remodeling companies build from scratch. Most remodeling companies build custom kitchens or bathrooms with standardized materials.

In our book, standardization translates to lackluster fixtures and boring designs. Moreover, the supposed advantage of standardized materials - low cost - is actually a disadvantage: low cost usually equals low quality.

The true distinction of a custom remodeling project is simple: fixtures and designs created just for you. The motto of MKBD's approach is simple, too: If you can dream it, we can make it. From design to demolition, our custom approach will translate your vision into reality.

A true custom approach means one-of-a-kind materials, too. We work hard to find unique materials for each project. For example, we source much of our tile from Italy, but we will happily source tiles elsewhere - too satisfy a customer's unique demands.

To browse some of our finds, we invite you to read our blog, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Tip and Tricks. Here we detail some of our favorite customized bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, like this hallway bathroom, which started as an inspiration: our client spotted a beautiful aquamarine bathroom on a European vacation. Working from a few snapshots, we found tiles that matched our client's vision. Or take a look at this French Country bathroom, with distinctive fixtures like the rustic vanity and mirror.

Finally, we also understand that a custom approach might seem intimidating for some clients. If you're not exactly sure what you want, we can guide you to the most agreeable materials, fixtures, and designs for your family. All you have to do is decide what you like - if you're unsure, our designers will happily collaborate with you.

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Kitchen and bathroom remodeling company reviews

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Master Kitchen & Bath Design has set the standard for kitchen remodeling in the Bucks County area for over thirty years. A rare find in the kitchen remodeling industry, MKBD excels in both in-house design and construction. We never use subcontractors, all of our team members, from our lead designer to lead carpenter, take ownership of each project.

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Master Kitchen and Bath Design designs beautiful bathrooms to complement both older and newly constructed homes. For over thirty years, MKBD has distinguished itself as the leading bathroom remodeling company in the Philadelphia area. When you work with MKBD, you partner with the most innovative and skilled talent in the bathroom remodeling industry.

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Finished Basements

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In many homes, the basement is a neglected space, a hideaway for moldering storage boxes, discarded furniture, and outdated supplies. A remodeling project can transform your basement into a functional living space. From recreational rooms to guest suites, Master Kitchen & Bath Design excels in the design and construction of finished basements.

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Master Kitchen & Bath Design, a full service home remodeling company, has successfully served the Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA area for over thirty years. We credit our longevity to our impeccable reputation. In Philadelphia, MKBD is the first and last word in home remodeling.

MKBD have set the standard for kitchen remodeling in the Bucks County area for over thirty years. We never use subcontractors, all of our team members take ownership of each project.