Bathroom Planning 101

The old saying, "beauty is only skin deep," counts double when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Before you begin your bathroom remodeling project, you should evaluate allthe systems, including electrical and plumbing, that make your bathroom function. If these systems are outdated, a thorough update should be your first priority. This is a golden rule: always improve the bathroom systems before you work on the aesthetics.

In keeping with this philosophy, Enterprise Home Remodeling begins most renovations by stripping the bathroom down to the wall studs and subfloor. In this way, we see exactly what needs to be replaced. With the bathroom structure in plain view, you can easily seal leaks, repair rotted structural supports, and remove and replace outdated plumbing and wiring.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the only limit is your imagination. Unfortunately, not every remodeling project is worth your hard-earned time and money. So, before you begin planning your dream bathroom, you should understand the exact requirements of your bathroom remodeling project.

Choosing a Bathroom Type

The best way to develop a bathroom plan is to clarify exactly what you want and need. As you begin to plan your bathroom remodeling project, focus on the people who will use it. Do you want an efficient space to bathe the kids or a luxurious adult retreat? Would you prefer a stylish half-bath for guests or a private space to perform your daily bathroom duties? By focusing on the bathroom's intended audience, so to speak, you will clearly see how to proceed.

The Master Bathroom

No longer merely a washroom attached to the bedroom, the master bath now features luxurious amenities like sitting areas with entertainment centers, fireplaces, or panoramic views. The once ubiquitous boxy white bathtub has been replaced with whirlpools & soaking tubs. The shower itself now features water-massage jets for a soothing spa experience. Many people prefer two sinks and an oversized mirror. To accommodate these luxuries, the master bath has expanded to relatively huge proportions.

If your house was built for a bygone era, you may have difficulty finding enough space for an elaborate master bath. It may be possible to annex a closet, landing, or a small bedroom. But be aware: older homes often lack adequate support for modern fixtures such as oversized whirlpools and soaking tubs. Unless you plan to build an addition, you may need to reinforce the floors and supporting structure. If you want to keep your project simple, or you can't find the room to expand, consider skipping the oversized tub and substituting with a cozy shower or a smaller, lightweight whirlpool.

The Shared Bathroom

If your bathroom will serve more than one person at a time, it should offer each user his/her own personal space. A typical configuration might isolate the toilet and shower from the sink and grooming area. Ideally, the toilet should be concealed in a water closet, but a low wall or decorative screen will provide a measure of privacy. To accommodate multiple users, a shared bathroom should have two sinks, as well as a personal storage area for each user. Whether you install a dual-sink vanity or separate pedestal sinks, each grooming station should have a mirror, an electrical outlet, and adequate lighting.

The Children's Bathroom

A children's bathroom has to be kid friendly, low maintenance, andsafe. As the kids grow older, their needsand sizes will change. So the children's bathroom should also be easily updated.Try to situate the bath in a convenient location; if possible, place it between two children's bedrooms, and install a door on each side. Place shelves, towel bars and towel stands, and clothes hooks within easy reach, and create a color-coded storage area for each child. Consider pullout bathroom faucets and shower nozzles for tearless hair washing. For safety, choose slip-resistant flooring, skid-proof rugs, and a tub with a textured bottom. All glass shower doors should have tempered safety glass. A granite vanity countertop with rounded edges will help prevent cuts and bruises.

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