Bathroom Upgrade

A new shower is the essential bathroom upgrade. After all, we all know that the toilet's essential, and you might need a nighttime bath to wind down, but nothing beats a shower's combination of utility and pleasure.

But hold on: you don't need a new shower to experience the benefits! Shower fixtures can easily improve your old, stodgy shower with minimal cost and effort. And thankfully, today's shower fixtures are both functional and luxurious. Whether you're building a new shower, or desire a simple bathroom upgrade, our primer will tell you all you need to know about shower fixtures.

A New Shower or New Shower Fixtures?
If you're performing a bathroom renovation, you're in luck: your new shower can include new hand-selected features designed to complement your new bathroom. If you're upgrading your old shower, your choices might be limited by the size of your shower, you faucet configuration, and the style of your other bathroom fixtures. To avoid a haphazard look, stick with the overall style of your current bathroom design.

Showerheads are divided into categories defined by spray volume and your ability to adjust the flow of water.

The most familiar shower fixture is single-head showerhead. Most of us have experienced the simple comfort of a single-head with an adjustable nozzle. By adjusting the nozzle, your single-head can distribute the water from a single stream to an increasingly wider spray of water. Incidentally, the nozzle for most of today's household cleaners employs a similar technology. The single-head is a classic choice for a modern bathroom design.

If you're a fan of Gene Kelly's famous song, "Singing in the Rain", you might prefer a rain shower head: a wide, flat head suspended directly above the bather that duplicates the sensation of a real rain shower. A rain shower head does not typically include an adjustable nozzle, so if you're seeking variety another showerhead might be your best choice.

Popular in Europe, hand-held showerheads feature a single-head attached to a flexible hose. A hand-held showerhead is great for catching all those nooks and crannies, and it just might be the best option for washing long hair.

A dual-showerhead features two (or sometimes more) showerheads controlled by a single set of handles. A dual-showerhead system might include a wall-mounted showerhead and a hand-held. For a truly cleansing shower experience, both can be used separately, or at the same time.

If you're seeking a luxurious bathroom update, consider multiple spray heads built into the shower wall. The possibilities are endless, and limited only by your home's water pressure - you'll need at least 45 psi.

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